Singer/Songwriter Sara Morris

Singer/songwriter Sara Morris is unapologetically honest in her songwriting. She often forgoes flowery language in favor of telling it like it is, and wearing her heart on her sleeve. And yet, her songs are filled with the myriad of emotions felt in this beautiful, and often arduous, human experience.

As her debut album “Just Something To Believe” proves Sara is a versatile vocalist. Her vocal talent is especially evident in her songs “Blank Pages” and “Where The Light Is.” She studied vocal performance at Western Oregon University where she trained in musical theater, jazz, and popular music. Although, Sara credits most of her vocal prowess to teaching voice lessons. Her students have taught her more about music than any training ever could.

Sara currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two adorable kittens Wicket & Dakota. She is an avid Earl Grey tea drinker, and audiobook addict. She also loves being out in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and enjoys hiking as well a wandering around downtown Portland and Seattle.